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Rainier Truck and Chassis designs, engineers, and manufactures custom cab over engine trucks (COE). This is all we do and we are fiercely passionate about it.

Our mission is to deliver to our dealers and their customers a truly custom purpose built truck. We feel that if we can work more closely with our customers and dealers and properly design the vehicle the way they want it and more for their particular needs factory direct, we can eliminate costly aftermarket mistakes and we can cover this customization under factory warranty.


We are a team of highly experienced and motivated individuals with decades of “hands on” truck and chassis know how. Our team is also very well networked with peers and suppliers in the transportation business…we make it our job to be in the know, if we don’t have an answer for our client we dig until we get one that satisfies their need.

We can honestly say we are more entrepreneurial and innovative than the usual company... only because we are. We are not part of a rigid complicated public company or part of a global multinational conglomerate with layers of expensive management and slick wall-street types. We run lean and smart and if there is a technology that makes sense to our customer and is proven we will quickly put it into production for them without going through a lot of red tape. Our team is constantly on the lookout for change in our industry trying to anticipate new technology and how to apply it... our team dare’s to think differently and not afraid to let go of the past technology and practices that don’t work in today’s fast paced business world. We care to have the vision and mindset to take leaps in providing our customers with high quality, intelligently designed trucks and chassis backed up with great service... it’s what drives us.


"Tough, Dependable Work Truck’s That You Can Believe In"


All of our frame rails are made from 80,000 psi steel. All of our cross members and brackets are precision purposed built that are powder coated and integrated into the frame at the factory…they either fit or they don’t…there are no welded on after thoughts. All of our components are attached to the frame with tough corrosion resistant certified Grade 8 zinc plated yellow dichromate fasteners. Our frame says two things to our customers, brute strength, and high quality!

Reliable Components:

All of our Rainier trucks utilize the best components that money can buy. We are determined not to nickel and dime our customers, it makes sense in the long haul to use the toughest, most reliable and serviceable name brands we could get our hands on…. it saves on warranty cost and downtime. We are serious about keeping our customers on the road and not in the garage.


We listened closely to our dealers and customers on the serviceability of their trucks...and it pretty much came down to plain ole common sense. We were told time and time again to please locate components with unobstructed access so that our technician can diagnose and service the truck in minutes. We thought a lot about the stories of scraped up mechanics knuckles, so we located components with a lot of room around them where anyone could actually get a wrench on them and service them. We put a lot of thought into the little details that make the difference between making revenue with your truck or parking it.

Our motto when it comes to service and serviceability of our trucks and chassis is, if its easier and faster to work on... the better for our dealers and our customers.


We feel if we marry the highest quality components with a tough truck chassis and couple it with North Americas best performing power train packages you have a truck that will be there for you and your business…add in the mix a fair price and that’s called value.

At Rainier Truck & Chassis we are passionate at what we do, our goal is to deliver tough dependable custom trucks and chassis you and your business can trust and believe in.