Rainier Truck and Chassis LLC Logo


Rainier Truck and Chassis LLC designs, engineers and manufactures low cab forward (LCF) trucks.


We are a team of highly experienced and motivated individuals with decades of “Hands-On” truck and chassis know how. Our team is very well networked with peers and suppliers in the transportation business.

We run lean and smart and if there is a technology that makes sense to our customer base and brand and is proven we will quickly put it into production. We dare to think differently and not afraid to let go of past technology and practices.

We have the mindset and vision in providing high quality, common sense designed trucks and back them up with a great warranty and service.


Uncomplicated, dependable, keep it simple work trucks.


All of our frame rails are made from 50,000 psi steel. All our crossmembers are precision purposed built that are powdered coated and integrated into the frame...they either fit or they don’t...there are no welded on after thoughts. Our frame assembly says two things to our customers, brute strength, and high quality.

Electrical System

Our electrical system is not complicated or highly multiplexed. It is mostly hard-wired utilizing water proof connectors, protective relays and fuses. It does not take an IT wizard to figure out why a component is not functioning... i.e., if your wipers are not working its either the wiper motor is shot or a fuse is blown. Our dash cluster is not a complicated one-piece pre-programed integrated infotainment monster that cost thousands of dollars to diagnose or replace but rather individual electronic gauges that are faster and less expensive to service or replace.

Reliable Name Brand Components:

We utilize the best name brand components that money can buy. We are determined not to nickel and dime our customers, ...it makes sense to us to offer the most reliable, toughest and serviceable name brands we can get our hands on...in the long run it saves warranty costs and downtime. We are dead serious about keeping our customers on the road and not in the garage.


We listen closely to our customers and dealers on the serviceability of our trucks. We locate components with unobstructed tool access so that technicians can service the truck in minutes. We put a lot of thought into details that make the difference between making revenue with your truck or parking it.


We feel if you marry the most reliable, highest quality, best performing powertrains in North America with an overbuilt truck cab-chassis, we just know you will be satisfied knowing the Rainier will be there for you and your business performing its best day in and day out.